Farm Photos: Seedlings and the high tunnel

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There was a lot of activity on the farm during the past week. With warmer weather finally here, the crew is very busy trying to catch up. One project was putting new plastic on the big high tunnel at the bottom of the hill, and then planting in it. If you’ve been to the farm. You probably recognize that big tunnel. You might have even used it as a landmark to find the driveway – I know I have. So, it’s been strange not seeing...

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Farm Photos: Finally! Signs of Springs

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Most will agree, winter in Upstate New York is always at least a bit longer than we have the patience for. This winter, though, was especially grueling – snow piled upon snow, and very cold temperatures lasting well into March. This makes us especially grateful to see bare ground as the snow has melted away over the past week or two. Here are some other springtime sights from around the...

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Farm Photos: Walloped by Winter

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The snow and cold certainly gave us some challenges this winter, and March was no exception.   But, at least the sun started to shine a bit more, the days got longer, and we finally started seeing some greens.   And, seed ginger arrived and was planted to begin it’s long growing season.   Our laying hens, while given cozy shelter, haven’t been as productive as we might like. Thank goodness for the pullets....

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Recipes | Beets are here

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(Posted originally appeared 6/29/2012) A couple of years ago, before I worked at KFF, I picked up a recipe card for Beet Salad with Chevre from the market stand. It was a huge hit with my family. So, when beets appeared again about a week ago, I grabbed some as quickly as possible with this recipe in mind. Even my husband, who previously swore away from beets, requested a repeat. Combined this with a big green salad from our lettuce mix, and...

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Tomato soup to ward off winter blues

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Barely three weeks into a mild January, I already hear people complaining about being tired of the snow and cold. Granted these aren’t the skiers or the ice fishermen, but neither am I and I love midwinter. As the bears hibernate, the trees lose their leaves and many things in the natural world rest beneath the snow, my life also benefits from a slower time. Rather than getting angry with the complications of bundling up to go outside, I...

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Seeking Market Stand Manager for Saratoga

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We are currently seeking a Market Stand Manager for our stand at the Saratoga Farmers Market. In addition, to the criteria for all market crew, which can be found here, the Market Stand Manager responsibilities will include: Working most, if not all, Saturday morning markets year-round, with the addition of Wednesday afternoon markets May through October Leading crew for market set up and break down Delegating crew responsibilities Making...

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Photos: Winter on the Farm

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Things can get a little monotonous around the farm in winter – visually, anyway – but, there is still activity, there are still things growing, and there’s lot of work keeping the snow under control. Here are some imagines of the past several weeks. Enjoy! ...

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Facing Winter’s Challenges

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CATGRASS is back at market!! It’s been a while since I’ve written the newsletter. Between the many snow storms, conferences, a honeymoon, and broken heat systems I’ve been super busy. The farm is starting to wake up again. Not that it ever sleeps — but there is a definite turn right now of temperature and life. Sue started seeding celery and celeriac this week in the greenhouse and our onions, all 50 thousand of them, got...

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Hearty Borscht

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This is one of the recipes Savannah talked about in last week’s newsletter. I asked her to share it, because I’ve never made borscht, and with all the great beets we have, it seems like the perfect dish to enjoy. Recipe adapted from 1 tablespoon ghee or unrefined coconut oil 1 onion, small diced (approximately 1 cup) 1 sweet potato, peeled and grated (approximately 1 cup) 1 teaspoon sea salt 2 medium red beets,...

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